Chateau Challain Wedding

If you are looking for extraordinary pictures of your wedding at Chateau Challain, you are in the right place. As multiple award winning photographer duo, we - Ronja and Victor - would feel honored to cover your wedding at Chateau Challain. If you also have a sense for deep romance and fine melancholy, we would like to learn more about you and your plans.

Chateau Challain Wedding

From your photo story at Chateau Challain to your Fine Art Album

I was a guest at that wedding and I have to say, that you did such a wonderful job. I’m getting goosebumps seeing your pictures - absolutely insane!
— Anne

Our approach consists of three main pillars - the documentation of all the candid moments, extraordinary artworks and the final Fine Art Album that will keep your memories in one beautiful place. Our set goal is to artistically create what we'd desire for our own wedding: pictures that show how the day looked, but even more so pictures that show how it felt. Photographs in your Fine Art Album full of moving, vivid moments. And pieces of art that will immerse you into the story of that day. Romantic, but also timeless and to the highest artistic demands.

Our aesthetic is led by a shared understanding of love - calm and deeply touching. A soul connection. A home.


Your wedding at Chateau Challain

We are Ronja and Victor, lovers, cakeeathers, night-wanderers and curious perfectionists. As wedding photographers we are based in Germany and work all across Europe. Our focus is your unique bond - this is what we want to treasure in elegant and sensitive pictures. Because we love to explore new places, we look forward to tell the story of your wedding at Chateau Challain.