Ronja & Victor


We are Ronja Joy Waßmuth (26) and Victor Hamke (31), the souls and artists behind Muse & Mirror. We are based in Leipzig, Germany and travel all across Europe to capture your wedding day. We have a common love for calm and poetic visuals. Finding pleasure in the same aesthetics and vision of beauty and intimacy is not only the foundation of our imagery, but most importantly let's us connect with couples like you, who share our beliefs.

Capturing the moment your mother sees you in your  wedding dress for the first time is just as important to us as the magazine-worthy portrait and the artful composition. Carefully selected and preserved in your Fine Art Album - to last for generations.



We are happy to have you here!

Sharing a pleasant and personal experience before, at and after your wedding day, is our imperative. As this is a unique and emotional event in your life, we will treat it with the biggest care and commitment to create a legacy that will treasure those meaningful moments you shared with your favorite people in the world. 




So so enchanting! Our album was wonderfully packed, exquisitely composed and extremely high-grade and artistic! Incredible! Many many thanks and we will treasure it forever!
— Lena & Sebastian

Do you remember flipping through your childhood photographs? Maybe kept in a wooden box or glued into an album by your mother. With notes on the back or next to the picture.

When was the last time you sat down with your loved ones and went through the 10000 digital files on your computer to enjoy your shared memories? Well, it does not really happen. Somewhere along the way into this digital age, most of us stopped printing their pictures. Most of the pictures we take never make it into our daily lives. Most are forgotten. 

Your wedding is way too important for that. This choice you made for a life together deserves to be remembered in the form of one of those rare, real keepsakes. To make you laugh and make you cry, to remember you of the good times when life is hard and to become a part of your family history. 
With us as your wedding photographers, you will receive your photographs in handmade Fine Art Albums, printed on 100% matte cotton paper, that provides soft haptics and color depth with an unmatched quality. Chances are that you never had such an Album in your hands before and you may take our word for it: this is a whole new experience.




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Every time I look at your pictures and see what you create on weddings, I know that it was doubtlessly the best decision of our life to choose you as the photographers to capture the story of our wedding.
— Mona & Sami
Muse & Mirror’s photography looks surreal and modelled to perfection but with real couples and moments.
— PhotobizX

Before your booking decision, we are happy to get to know you at a nonbinding meeting in Skype or in person, so we can advise you and you get to know us before you choose your Collection. We exclusively work as a team to be able to cover multiple events, like the Getting Ready, at once, as well as capturing different perspectives. Travel and accommodation within Europe are always included - we don't want distance to be the decisive factor if you feel that we are the perfect fit.

For every photograph printed in your Fine Art Album, you will receive the matching digital file on a USB drive and by request in an online gallery to share with family and friends. To guarantee the highest standard, each of your photographs is edited with care by ourselves, including detailed retouching if necessary.

After your wedding, we will schedule another Skype meeting to finalize your custom Fine Art Album together. This way you can make sure all the photographs you love are included before we place the order with our trusted manufacturer. 

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The Mirror Collection

4 hours Night-Before Coverage

11 hours Wedding Day Coverage

4 hours Morning-After Coverage

360 photographs printed in three Fine Art Albums

matching digitals for online sharing included

4 Gift-Portfolios for loved ones
10390 Euro

wedding photographer Europe - Muse & Mirror_0019.jpg

The Muse Collection

11 hours Wedding Day Coverage

300 photographs printed in three Fine Art Albums

matching digitals for online sharing included

4 Gift-Portfolios  for loved ones

7990 Euro

wedding photographer Europe - Muse & Mirror_0002.jpg

The Classic Collection
[most popular]

9 hours Wedding Day Coverage

150 photographs printed in one Fine Art Album

matching digitals for online sharing included

2 Gift-Portfolios for loved ones
4990 Euro

wedding photographer Europe - Muse & Mirror_0012.jpg

The Intimate Collection

7 hours Wedding Day Coverage

100 photographs printed in one Fine Art Album

matching digitals for online sharing included
3690 Euro

10 additional photographs in print & digital: 200 Euro


We are looking forward to meet you in person to learn more about the journey that led to all of this, about your wedding plans and about what you desire from your wedding photographs. If you have taken a look at our Collections but still feel like none of them covers your individual needs, please get in touch with us, so we can give you professional advice and create a custom-tailored offer that meets all your demands.