Glasgow Wedding Photographer

You probably read those lines, because you are looking for a wedding photographer in Glasgow. And you are in the right place! As wedding photographers we seek to shoot weddings in incredible places - places far from where we live. Such as Glasgow. We consider our photos to be a modern and romantic vista - refined with sophisticated look and a unique visual signature.

The photos are beyond words. You’ve done beautiful, enchanting work! So, so wonderful. We could experience the day with all its emotions once again - it was such a pleasure. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You are awesome!!!
— Carola & Frank

FROM THe documentary  of your wedding in glasgow to the Fine art album - you get the most beautiful keepsake


Our approach is a combination of the documetary photography of all the candid, precious moments and the creation of real pieces of art, that show your loving bond in its unique way - with a sophisticated, elegant touch and a tender visualization that satisfies the most demanding couples. It's our declared goal to create a photo story in the same way, that we'd like it to be created for our own wedding one day. Photographs that show how the day looked. But first and foremost pictures that make you feel the day - even years after.

Pictures for an album full of lively memories to every once in a while go back in time and enjoy the precious moments of your wedding day. Romantic, calm and timeless.

The basis of our aesthetic is a special understanding of love - calm, tender and deep. A soul bond. A home.



We, Ronja and Victor, are lovers, cake-eaters, night-walkers and curious perfectionists. As wedding photographers we shoot weddings in any place across Germany and Europe. The focus is always your connection with its own color and character. And this is what we strive to treasure in elegant and sensitive pictures. Because we love to get to know places we've never seen before, we'd be happy to photograph your wedding in Glasgow.



Please leave us a message, so we can check the availability for your date!

“Wowww wowww wowww!!! The pictures are rad! We already knew that you were such a fortune for us and you two are really wonderful. This day will be unforgettable because of you. A thousand thanks for everything and the way you made everything so easy for us!”
— Anneli & Tobias