After Wedding Shooting in Stockholm


Gaby & Germán


It was a cold evening, followed by a cold and rainy day. Pizza and Coke next to some candles on the kitchen table in this lonesome cabin in the Swedish woods. We met the evening before already – in the historic streets of Gamla Stan in Stockholm. An after wedding shoot, a gift from Gaby to her beloved husband Germàn. Working on an oil platform every second month, while having a teenage girl and a little baby home with his wife in Mexico, makes this shared adventures even more precious.

The air was so clear and cold, the moss beneath our feet as green as can be and the trees sparkling with raindrops. Love matures and deepens, changes and grows. Witnessing this bond made of daily choices, inspires and amazes us so deeply. Taking pictures of you was beautiful – getting to know you even more.


Muse & Mirror Photography