Atelier für kunstvolle Paar - und Hochzeitsfotografie
für Deutschland & Europa

Atelier for artful Couple and Wedding Photography for Germany & Europe



Inspired by cinematic aesthetics and melancholic beauty, with a hint of nostalgia, we strive to capture something real. On one of the happiests days of your life, surrounded by the people who are closest to your heart. Your silence and your laughter, the way he makes you smile and the tears of your father.

We are the silent observers, the nightowl-artists and coffee-lovers, passionate about tangible heirlooms. Travelling from Germany all across Europe.

From the first consultation to the finished Album in your hands - this is for you. We are here to make it happen.

Ronja x Victor


Ronja Joy Waßmuth & Victor Hamke
+49 177-7211837
Based in Germany

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