"The air had poetry in it..."


Pic by Eric-René Penoy


She took the last step and looked into his eyes. Her hair softly falling around her cheeks and this long white dress, wrapping her body gently. And the moment was just so real. One more look into her dearest, closest friend‘s face and tears started to run down her cheeks. Her lover. Her soulmate. Looking at her so deeply moved.

Pics by Muse & Mirror

Just one of so many precious moments and encounters, we never thought possible during our workshop in Portugal in April. Ripe oranges hanging in the dark green knotty trees. White flower petals slowly falling to the ground. The old walls covered in moss, hiding a secret castle that is now a part of our shared memories forever.

Pics by Eric-René Penoy + Irina and Matej

The Team 

When we started planning for this project, we knew some things for sure. We wanted it to be a special atmosphere, a creative and inspiring bubble. After we found our wonderful castle near Viana do Castelo, Castelo de Portuzelo,  and Ana – the most caring and lovely host – we knew we needed a great catering, because sharing meals is just such an communicative and connecting act. So when Ana told us about Gloria and we saw her great vegetarian meal plan, we had to deal with our appetite for weeks befor we finally took the first bites. It was so! delicious and sharing all those meals, from breakfast to dinner, really made us feel so at home. Ana, Gloria, we couldn‘t be more happy we have found you and will recommend you forever!

Pics by Muse & Mirror + Paulo Mainha

The last but huge part of the team "behind the scenes" is Crachá - Wedding Agency. When Isabel contacted us after we announced the workshop, we had no idea of how invaluable her support would be for the whole scenery and organization of this event. The styling of the sessions down to the smalles detail, the passion, flexibility and absolute professionalism the three of you brought to the table was just unmatched and we can't ever thank you enoguh.

Pics by Laetitia Donaghy + Paulo Mainha

The Speakers 

Of course, it would have been a lot less inspiring without our old and new friends who shared all their knowledge so openly and created the most supportive and positive atmosphere. 

We chose each of you because we admire you creatively and as the deeply reflective artists and humans you are.


Oscar, none of this would have happend without you believing in us and pushing us to even think about creating another workshop together. You are so very very humble and we wish you and Michelle all the best in the world with Mateo and your new baby!

Seeing you with your camera, your motivation, passion and playfulness is unmatched and a joy to watch and experience. Reminding everyone that 99% of what we capture is for the couple and 1% is for our portfolio just put the real task of a wedding photographer into the right perspective and your approach on telling the stories of wedding days in a more creative way was so inspiring. 

Let me tell you this experience was an incredible experience, so inspiration and a very good new friends, I toke a little part of each of you in my life. - OSCAR

Pic of Oscar & Michelle by Irina and Matej

Pic of Oscar & Michelle by Irina and Matej

Irina and Matej, we are so thankful that you said ‚yes‘ to speaking at the Legacy Workshop for the very first time. You put your heart and soul (and great design capabilities) in your talk and we are still inspired by your words.

Since we listened to you, we take the task of surrounding ourselves with beauty more serious and think you are so right when you say that you have to train yourself to find and create the beauty you are striving for in your pictures. Your sharp sense for design and branding is outstanding and really an example to follow.

More than ever, we are sure that life gets you to the most magical places just to meet certain people who you are meant to meet. - IRINA & MATEJ

Pic of Irina & Matej by Tjeerd Paul Jacobs

Pic of Irina & Matej by Tjeerd Paul Jacobs

Muse & Mirror, okay, that‘s us, so this is weird, but we wanted to include some thoughts about our own role and talk here, too. As the organizers of the event, there is so much going on and we would have loved to just spend another week with all of you. Creating this experience was amazingly satisfying and our own presentation feels like a tiny fraction of it all.

As wedding photographers in this digital age there is an inherent part of photography, that is just too often forgotten. The art and service of creating tangible heirlooms. We are passionate about providing each family with an Album that will last for generations and if we inspired one of you to take on this chance and responsibility, we are more than happy, because we know you are providing something of true meaning that can change your whole business. Getting creative in your service and focusing on your couple's experience is just as important as finding your photographic style.

Pic of Ronja & Victor by Oscar Castro

Pic of Ronja & Victor by Oscar Castro

Froydis, we still can‘t believe we stumbled upon you in Sweden. You left such a deeply positive and empathic impression on us from only exchanging those few sentences, that we knew we wanted to meet you again. And you were indeed such an enrichment for all of us – moving people to tears, bringing so much acceptance and support for everyone‘s own wounds and ways and touching us deeply. 

When you were talking to people in tears after your presentation, we really realized the true value and unforeseeable possibilities of creating and attending such an event. The knowledge is only one part of it all and the whole is so much greater than the sum of its parts - especially with people as authentic and loving as you.


Pic of Froydis by Mandy Brander

Pic of Froydis by Mandy Brander

Naomi, as a dear online-friend of ours, it was so great to finally meet you in person. Seeing you taking budoir photographs from Isabel was very inspiring to so many of us and when Isabel cried on the last evening, thanking you for this experience and how it changed her, I think we all understood the value of this kind of session as never before.

You reminded us of how important it is to sit down and set real goals we can work towards and actually measure our

  • Really sit down and set SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound) for your business and work on them constantly.


Pic of Naomi by Froydis Geithus

Pic of Naomi by Froydis Geithus


"The air had poetry in it, this electric buzz of overflowing creativity and inspiration that moved us all. " - Carolina


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