Your Wedding Album

Now, after designing your beautiful fine art Wedding Album, it is time for the last details. Here you choose all important elements for finalizing your custom Album - from the cover to the box. And then: Enjoy the anticipation! We take care of everything else!

Our Wedding Album
Cover Material & Personalisation: *
Choose your favorite material and personalisation method for the cover of your Album.
Choose your favorite font from the gallery above for the cover of your Album. We will send you a custom design with your text in the chosen font before ordering your Album.
You can use two lines of text on the cover of your Album. Add the text for the first line here. For example your names.
If any, add the text for the second text line here. For example the date of your wedding. We mostly recommend sticking to only the first line for the best design.
One day your grandchildren might flip through the pages of your Album - looking for their family history. The Heirloom Inscription is a beautiful way of preserving all the relevant information of your wedding day on the inside of the back cover with a custom gold foiling - like your full birth names, date and location of the wedding, etc. You find an example in the gallery above. If you do not want the Engraving, just leave the field blank.
To protect your Wedding Album from direct sunlight, dust and dirt, always store it horizontally in the proper, archival box. A simple kraft storage box is free with each Album. A handmade clamshell box with fabric cover is the perfect addition and shows off beautifully in your shelf - making your Wedding Album a decorative part of your interior design.
Shipping Information:
Enter your full names.
Let us know where to send your Album and other products!
We will use this e-mail address to send you the Cover Font and Heirloom Inscription designs, as well as the invoice, if upgrades are selected.
We hereby verify the accuracy of our statement and bindingly place the order of our Wedding Album. Designs for the Cover Font and Heirloom Inscription will be send to us in a separate e-mail to review before the Album goes into production. We understand that our Album can only go into production after the designs are confirmed by us and the invoice is settled. We agree to receive the invoice, if any, by the e-mail address provided above.: *