capture one styles

Official Capture One Style Pack
Created by Muse & Mirror

Turn every light situation into a beautiful look. From lush, warm colors to diverse color palettes, this Style Pack is ideal for weddings, portraits or fashion photography where skin tones are crucial.

We’ve been using Capture One for years now and became Ambassadors in 2018. We have put every effort into creating Capture One Styles, the equivalent to LR Presets, that were forged over a long period of time. They are able to handle all different kinds of light situations that you, as a wedding photographer or someone who photographs people, may come across.

The Style Pack consists of:

  • 8 Color Styles, some of which have Sub-Styles for special situations

  • 4 Black and White Styles

The installation of those is very simple. You click the file and are ready to go. It was important for us to not deliver a one-trick-pony, but instead offer a variety of different looks that work for different situations and different color casts. You will discover the nostalgic patina that you also find in our own photographs, but not just that. We wanted to offer Styles that would cover looks that are en vogue in wedding photography, no matter the brand and no matter if you shoot at a sunny beach or indoors, no matter if in in Italy or in Germany. Skin tones are our highest priority and with the LEGACY STYLES you’ll be able to master anything from harshest daylight to soft, cloudy skies.

Samples edited with LEGACY STYLES