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Oh, how the time flies! Your wedding day is fast approaching and we are so looking forward to it!

Just fill out this form to give us all the info about your final schedule at a glance and let us know about your open wishes and questions below.

Take another deep breath and a take a relaxing break together, before enjoying the anticipation!


Details of your Wedding Day

Fill in your full names - valid after the wedding.
This is the address we will use for your deliveries - like your gorgeous wedding album!
Fill in your mobile number, so we can get in touch! You can also add the contact of a close friend we can turn to for help or questions on the day.
Now, only days away from your wedding, share your final schedule with us. Each event, including time and address - so we are always in the right place at the right time.
Let us know when you'd like our coverage to start and to end on your wedding day. If things are running late additional hours can also be booked spontaneously on the day itself for 250€ per hour.
We cannot guarantee for each and every guest being photographed throughout the day. That is why you can use this field as a reminder for us and yourselves - write down up to 10 group constellations, you'd like to have captured. As we don't know the people, make sure someone takes care of bringing everyone together and checks for completeness of the groups. If there are people who are especially important to you in the photographs of your wedding, feel free to send over some pictures and we will try to give them some special attention.
Maybe there is an element in your decorations, an heirloom, your stationary or another detail that is important to you, but not obvious to us - let us know about those here:
We know there are many people working behind the scenes of your wedding day - if we know who these creatives are, we can share pictures of their own work with them, credit them, etc. For example: Who made the dress? The suite? The cake? Flowers? And so on.
If you have booked a videographer, we'd love to get some contact information to coordinate everything and make sure we can work as a team for the very best results for you!
Do you want to be linked when we share pictures of your wedding day on Facebook or Instagram?
If you'd like to be linked in our online posts, leave your IG/FB profile links right here:
Any questions or wishes we should know about? Would you like another phone call in the next days? Let us know and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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